VR/AR artist, speaker, tutor, performer & evangelist.

Painted in virtual reality, this augmented reality painting has 5 spiders hidden in the scene. 

Just a quick bit about me. I come from a digital illustration background but have recently been swept up in all the excitement around VR. I’m passionate and excited to learn, share and teach many Virtual Reality art programs on multiple VR platforms.

I truly believe VR and Augmented Reality are going to revolutionise many sectors of society, but I’m keen to be a part of the story when it comes to VR’s impact on the creative industries and within contemporary art circles.


Digital artist focused on VR, AR, 3D printing technologies and the blockchain.

Covid-19 effected all of my immersive and spatial tutoring work in the community.

I am currently focusing all my attention on public funded digital art projects making use of virtual art galleries to bring isolated people together.

Here’s my TEDx talk